My name is Jaclyn Ross. I am passionate about the journey of pregnancy, labour, birth, and motherhood.  My role is to support you during your journey. 

Regardless of where you choose to deliver, or who you want to attend to your birth, having a doula can certainly protect and enhance your experience.   I believe that a woman’s birth experience is her own, and I believe in your ability to make informed choices about your care.   As a doula, I want to create a safe cocoon within which you can labour and give birth as you desire.  I use Prenatal Visits intentionally to get to know you and learn as much about you as I can before you go into labour; becoming familiar with you and your partner and clarifying any specific preferences, needs, and wishes.  I can provide guidance for you to create a personalized birth plan and provide any educational resources that you might be seeking.

I offer a complimentary meeting to chat about what kind of support you would like, what kind of support I can offer, and to learn what your needs and birth wishes are.  This meeting is an opportunity to find out if it feels right for us to work together, because ideally, only people whom you feel totally comfortable with will be invited to such an important event!

If you should choose to work with me, a retainer fee will be collected within two weeks of the introduction meeting (to insure your spot is held) along with a cheque post-dated two weeks before your estimated due date. My fee includes 2 prenatal visits, unlimited text and email communication, emotional and physical support during labor, and one to two postpartum visits to discuss the birth and provide basic breastfeeding and postpartum support. 

Alternative payment plans and reduced fees for families with limited income are always welcome conversations and will be met with respect.